Tap the Source

Dare to challenge

When: December 6th

Where: ConnectHub, Bucharest

Why: Dare to challenge!

Do you like to compete and surpass your limitations? Then Tap the Source is your chance to prove yourself! We prepared an entire show full of hacking, innovative puzzles and interactivity where you are the only one challenged!

Tap the Source


Tap the Source is a national hackathon for software engineers, geeks and tech enthusiasts. We will portray innovative challenges for each passionate coder and we will try to quantify the knowledge participants' posses on their area of expertise.

Most challenges in the hackaton will involve accessing a web-based API served via GET requests. Knowledge about technology isn't everything, one will be forced to think out of the box in order to solve certain challenges where some math, science or a pinch of luck is needed.

The race is individual and every participant will be the star of his own show. Will they be able to solve the challenges and Tap the Source? We don't know, but we would love to see them try!

The hackathon will take place Saturday, December 6th 2014, at Connect Hub, in Bucharest. We will dare
50 developers to solve 20 challenges. Aside from making them sweat, we will determine how professional each one of them is when it comes to their coding.

Tap the Source

Target audience

We're looking for people passionate about technology, and serious about coding with different skill sets in different areas from juniors to seniors. After the challenges, they will know where they lack knowledge or where they are Gods.

Competition is the poison as we will show in real-time on a projected screen what is solved and by whom. The number of points that they gain through the challenges is our never failing judgment metric because numbers never lie.

They will have fun and code with passion, while dealing with all the challenges... if they can!

Tap the Source

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